Wonder Woman struts her stuff with MAC cosmetics

In comics news, what is on my radar right now is the new Wonder Woman collection of MAC cosmetics. Designed by Alex Chalk, this collection will make you feel like you’ve just gained superpowers. In the US, you can go down to your local Macy’s and sample the wares.

Really, as far as anything about comics at the moment, I find this most interesting. I happen to have been at Macy’s during the launch this weekend and this collection was indeed a hit among all age groups. There were director chairs lined up for free makeovers and you had tweens on up to more mature and adventurous ladies. Does it say something about the allure of Wonder Woman? Yes, I believe it does. Of course, the presentation was impeccable with a pop culture panache that would have made Andy Warhol proud. But the fact remains that Wonder Woman, the idea of Wonder Woman, is amazingly powerful. The character, as broad and iconic as she is, lends herself to vast interpretation. She is speaking to women, and men, on so many levels that it should have the heads of DC Comics talent spinning and striving for even more engaging content for Wondy. Would it be possible to create something similar for men, maybe a cologne, covering a wide age range, that would bring in Superman or Batman? Probably not. Now, that’s pretty darn powerful.


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  1. I think quality is key when it comes to these kinds of products. I’ve seen Batman and X-Men colognes, all with horrible cotton candy sweet scents that make one gag at initial whiff. These cross promotions in make up work because, yeah it’s playful and appealing to that childish nostalgia we all carry, but MAC is also one of the best make up lines out there. The Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland make up kits are another great example of this. Beautifully packaged and a killer product. They appeal to the collector and the make up enthusiast.

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