THE NEW 52 DC RELAUNCH continues to be quite a show. I think there are still many readers just now jumping on the bandwagon. For me, I’ve been most interested in the relaunch of “ACTION COMICS” along with “WONDER WOMAN.” Those two will do it for me for now. At the moment, “Action Comics” has enjoyed sort of an intermission, or fill-in issue break, from the team-up of Grant Morrison and Rags Morales. The spotlight has been placed on Andy Kubert. He definitely pulls out all the stops in keeping up with the often mercurial Mr. Morrison.

I think he had a smoother time of it with the origin story in Issue Five. For the recent Issue Six, well there’s quite a lot going on, maybe too much going on! But, as is so often the case with a Morrison trip, it all works out in the end.

Just a snatch of dialogue here shows you how densely packed and bewildering things can get, Cosmic Man to “modern day” Superman: “If we can’t restart our time bubble rotor, none of this will matter. We’re relying on the battery you brought from Earth, Superman.” Huh? Well, we may gain traction when we return to the main thread with Morrison and Morales in Issue Seven on sale March 7. Then it all wraps up for the opening story with Issue Eight on sale April 4.

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