THE GOON #38 Review

“THE GOON” is one of the strangest and best comics you can be reading. You may already be familiar with The Goon or curious about him. Well, Issue 38 helps to set the record straight with an amazing backstory. “The True Life Story of Kizzie, The Iron Maiden,” takes us back to the American heartland of the 1890s. It’s an isolated scene: amid a few farms, there’s a one-room schoolhouse and a new generation being pounded into submission. Kizzie’s pigtails are perpetually being pulled by the local bully. It’s up to Rooney, Kizzie’s brother, to defend her. The only problem is that Rooney is something of a mental case who doesn’t know his own strength. Ah yes, we’re in Goon country.

Some years pass, Kizzie is now an adult. Rooney has left home. Kizzie’s future is bleak. And then the circus comes to town. This is Goon family we’re dealing with. Things are always bleak and then something happens, like a circus coming to town. Kizzie, despite herself, stumbles right into her destiny.

Eric Powell lovingly brings this family history together beginning with a tribute to his own grandmother. Dave Stewart provides the right colors to evoke the Goon yesteryear. And Dark Horse Comics publishes it for your entertainment. Issue 38 comes out March 7.

Get your Goon on!

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