Buffy in San Francisco, just a normal kid trying to figure things out, right? That’s what was supposed to happen, at least for awhile. Season 9 has been dancing around that premise with big hints that nothing stays the same for too long. Part Two of “On Your Own,” gives us a look at what might have been, or might be, or was supposed to be, if a certain former vampire slayer were to settle down with a certain vampire.

Season 9 has taken its time to find its groove, as most fans would attest. It’s probably pretty safe to say that, with Issue 7, we can see how things are coming together. We are seeing that promise from the first issue of getting to see Buffy be normal, try to be normal. With this close to a two-parter, Buffy and Spike are thrown in together after Spike has found himself working for the SFPD in their fight against a zompire uprising.

There are vampires, or zompires, in them thar hills! Nob Hill, Forest Hill, Telegraph Hill and so on. Plenty of hills in San Fran, full of the undead and that’s not counting some of the natives! We see poor little “normal” Buffy constantly returning to what she is, a vampire slayer!

To see Buffy have to deal with a love-struck Spike, a vampire she normally would shoot a spike through rather than cuddle with, is a lot of fun. And how did these two crazy mixed-up kids end up canoodling inside a huge cockroach blimp? Sort of just happened, right? (Well, without giving anything away, there is a quite serious reason why these two would consider living together.) But it’s interesting how, with the serious stuff, even with all those violent and deadly zompires to deal with, “Buffy Season 9” somehow manages to keep things light and loose as opposed to its far more intense spin-off, “Angel and Faith.” Things just happen at a much slower pace in Buffy’s world and it works. Moments like Buffy’s roommates taking a vote to decide whether or not she should remain with them are priceless.

In the spirit of keeping it slow and steady, let’s hope the writing by Andrew Chambliss keeps taking its time to give us the pithy dialouge we love and all those little added Whedon quirks. Then there’s the art by Georges Jeanty. Sometimes it seems a bit rushed but I think we all get that things are coming together. So, keep it up Dark Horse talent. Keep to the slow and steady.

“Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 9, #7” comes out March 14. For more details, and just to say hello, visit Dark Horse Comics.


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4 responses to “BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER SEASON 9 #7 Review

  1. Faith

    Please, stop biasing Spike! Spike IS NOT an ordinary vampire, Spike is a vampire with a soul, a champion who sacrificed his life to save the world. He saved the day in the end of S8. Spike is a hero just like Buffy is! So why Buffy normally would shoot a stake through the man who gave his (un)life for her?! And I don’t see anything wrong Buffy to cuddle with a hero like her! These two belong to each other and are so well matched! I cannot wait for this comics 🙂

  2. The plot thickens.

  3. pointman

    Ha, Buffy is a vampire? Interesting!

  4. well, not exactly. but it’s definitely something you should check out.

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