ACTION COMICS #7: Barefoot Superman

When has Superman ever been barefoot?

We are one issue away from the close to the first story arc since the relaunch of “ACTION COMICS.” With Issue 7, Grant Morrison and Rags Morales return to the main story, after a special two-part origin story pencilled by Andy Kubert, and bring us back to the larger-than-life energy they have maintained. In this issue, Morrison gets to further play with some iconic Superman tradition, namely Brainiac and the miniature city of Kandor, the last surviving community from the destruction of Superman’s home planet, Krypton. This is what this story has been leading up: What happens when Lex Luthor tries to take over Earth by entrusting his life and everyone’s else’s to a mysterious alien intelligence. The aliens, of course, take advantage of Lex Luthor and all hell breaks loose! And so it happens here and with all the trimmings!

Mr. Morrison, not only a stellar writer, has got to be one of the great collaborators in comics too. Mr. Morales, in charge of pencils and Mr. Rick Bryant in charge of inks,  provide a brilliant team for the artwork. We are never going to not want Superman stories, especially when we have such talent. What Rags Morales does with Superman is pretty amazing. He’s brought to life a youthful, rugged and distinctive character. He is by no means generic. It’s a very specific version and we hope that spirit carries over into the future with more and more artists up ahead.

I’ll just say for this post that it’s great to see how Morrison and Morales have rediscovered Superman and all the potential details. In this issue, Superman tries out his hyperspeed. General Lane pleads with Superman to reconsider. The fatest he’s been clocked is 6oo mph. How can he possibly ratchet that up to 25,000 mph? Superman shrugs it off and away he goes. He blows out his farmer’s boots and ends up barefoot. When was the last time, if ever, that we’ve seen Superman barefoot? As he races into space, with a makeshift oxygen tank, his clothes become tattered to the point that he’s nearly naked. This is Superman as vulnerable as he gets. At this point, he is literally “ill suited” for his role! But, of course, that will change.

Action Comics # 8 is out on April 4. Check out DC Comics for more details.


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  1. Moe

    Vulnerable! and “ill suited”!? Superman by definition is indestructible on Earth and his body is impermeable to any physical damage potentially sustained by any regular human being. So, why would he be “vulnerable” if he ends up barefooted, or completely nude, for that matter. The fact that he doesn’t need to wear gloves or a helmet, also is further proof that any type of footwear would be completely redundant to him.

    • Won’t argue with that, Moe. Love your site. Just subscribed to the Barefoot Planet Youtube channel. You may enjoy subscribing to the Comics Grinder Youtube Channel. From time to time, I’ll post something on the wide spectrum of barefoot-related possibilities. Would be great to always be barefoot. Unfortunately, we all aren’t like Superman.

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