HOW TO LOVE Actus Comics Anthology Review

“HOW TO LOVE” is one of the anthologies put together by the Israeli artist collective, Actus Comics. This one first appeared on the scene in 2007 and might be considered the group’s best effort yet. I happened upon it recently and thought I’d say a few words about the opener. Batia Kolton’s “Summer Story” begins the collection and graces the cover. It is all about pent-up teen angst and sexuality as the summer sun beats down. Kolton’s linear style reminds me of Rutu Modan’s work, like her celebrated, “Exit Wounds.” The story has a light touch as it explores the inner world of young women, particularly, Dorit, a pre-teen, curious about sex and romance. Her family end up taking a neighbor girl with them on their routine weekend at the beach. The girl, a few years older and familiar with boys, has become a legend in Dorit’s eyes. It doesn’t take much for Dorit to humbly tag along when the girl casually suggests that they take a stroll. In only a few moments, the girl has a new boy to play with and Dorit is no longer welcome. But her exit will not be so clean when a stray matka ball whacks her in the head. She is knocked out and suddenly, but only briefly, is the center of attention. The experience does little to transform her, she is still the same goofy kid, but it gets her one small step closer to the real world. You can pick up a copy at Amazon.

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