COMIC-CON 2012: RICHARD ALF: The Laughing Gnome

For a wonderful little piece on the life of Comic-Con co-founder, Richard Alf, go here: The Laughing Gnome. This is a link to a post in Leiulf Clausen’s amazing and insightful blog. He is the brother of cartoonist, William Clausen, who drew and wrote, “Alf #3,” a tribute mini comic for Comic-Con co-founder, Richard Alf. “Alf #3” was given out at a panel honoring Richard Alf at this year’s Comic-Con. And it was also given out at a memorial dinner honoring Richard Alf at the U.S. Grant Hotel during Comic-Con 2012. Back when Mr. Alf ran his comics mail order business, “Alf #1” was included with every purchase.

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