Buffy has gotten under my skin, as I’m sure she has for many of you faithful readers. And look at where she’s at now, right in the thick of the everyday mortal social/status/career morass we accept as our lives. Well, we don’t entirely accept it and Buffy, we’re pretty sure, is just biding her time until she can plot her next move, something we’re all doing ourselves in our own ways. And what an ironic showcase assignment for our Buffy to have: securing the safety of a Mort Zuckerberg-like character, one of these social media kingpins who promised to make our social/status/career thing run oh so smoothly. Just believe! Just add a new Friend or Like something!

Horror and biting social commentary can often make a good mix. And it can work for vampires or, more to the point here, vampire slayers, er, former vampire slayers. The key thing here is “former” vampire slayer. Buffy’s nose will continue to be rubbed in that harsh fact. She ain’t no slayer now. Who’s your slayer? Not Buffy, no way. She been downsized and upgraded, turned inside out, and gone corporate. But how long can it last, really? One thing we like about Buffy is that this girl can focus and her job right now is to keep one dumbass CEO of the latest and greatest social media, “Tin Can” from getting eaten up alive by some major demon mofos. And why would that be, you may ask. Because this Tin Can thing is geared up to the very depths of hell, that’s why! The guy made some bargain with some devil and now he’s looking for Buffy and her crew, well, actually Kennedy’s crew of elite security to save his sorry self.

This is one of the funniest and most enjoyable Buffy reads yet. It’s very bright, techy and geeky without trying and something that will put a nice kick in your day. This next issue comes out August 8. As always, please visit and enjoy our friends at Dark Horse Comics.

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