“Angel and Faith #14” is the fourth and final chapter to “Family Reunion” and a lesson learned for Willow for insisting on trying to tap into magic from a hell dimension. Not a good idea — but not an entirely bad idea either. If there really is any good to be found from this fine mess, Willow and Angel will need to act fast. As you may assume, they do manage to figure something out and that will take them in new directions.

This is issue is all about finding some resolution, of course, and Christos Gage’s script does a good job of that. The most riveting development is Willow getting too close to the dark side. This is something Rebekah Isaacs brings out with her art. We do get to see a good bit of the Dark Willow and that may or may not play into Willow’s new path in her own series starting up November 7. This story, among other things, is a great set up for her new adventures.

“Family Reunion” ends up being a good opportunity for characters to connect a little more with each other and themselves: Angel with his son, Connor; Angel with Willow; Angel with Faith; Willow with Willow; and Faith with Faith. Yeah, and Angel with Angel. I think Connor turned out to be the most adjusted and didn’t really need to do too much soul-searching. Willow and Faith and Connor were pretty much already cool with each other. You get your priorities straightened out fairly quickly when you’re trapped in Quor’toth, the most putrid and disgusting dimension of hell.

“Angel and Faith #14” comes out September 26, 2012. Visit our friends at Dark Horse Comics.

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