The propect of a new Joss Whedon TV show has thrown Glenn Hauman, over at ComicMix, into a campaign to save it from inevitable cancellation, even before the show is even on the air. Concerned for quality TV, that is never something TV executives quite grasp, Hauman is right to be overly protective. But how could this show miss? “S.H.I.E.L.D.” would be the TV version  of “The Avengers,” one of the most successful movies of all time!

Anyway, as Deadline reported, ABC has greenlit the show with Joss writing the pilot and maybe, just maybe, directing it too. So, it will be fitted up by Joss Whedon and then it’s on its own. Come to think of it, I’m not sure this really rises to the level of a full on Joss Whedon alert but it’s definitely interesting. All in all, it’s basically going to be a show with all the power and the money in the world behind it that may still suck if it just doesn’t have that X-factor. And what could that be? Even more devotion by Mr. Whedon? The whole frickin’ cast from the movie? Well, something. Just too early to say what will happen here.

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