SPIKE # 3 Review

There can be little doubt after this third issue of “Spike” that Morgan and Spike have a lot of potential chemistry. The sequence of panels that have the two sitting down for a chat is teased out long enough to leave even the most ardent Buffy true believer uncertain of what will happen between these two. And that is no spolier, I’m sure. That is what we’re expecting to find and it is done well.

Part 3 of “A Dark Place” begins with a marvelous flashback that will leave you disoriented at first. In fact, it would be a crime to spoil that for you. We quickly enough find ourselves back where we left off: Pearl and Nash have crashed the scene in search of shards left over from the big blowup of the Seed. There are none to be had but that doesn’t stop anyone from a nasy fight. It’s during this scuffle that Spike and Morgan make their escape. And all of this leads us to the fine predicament that Spike is now in: Morgan is aboard his ship and she is calling the shots. This does not sit well with the ship’s crew of bugs one bit.

Sebastian, the bug left to worry the most over Spike, is beside himself in trying to warn Spike about Morgan. Has he fully considered this and that? Well, Spike must admit, no, he hasn’t considered this or that or anything, really. Victor Gischler’s script has given us a Spike we can believe in and viable rival to Buffy. There’s quite a delicious shower scene that shows us how close to the edge Gischler is willing to go, along with the help of the art team of Paul Lee and Andy Owens. Spike had been prompted by Sebastian to check in on Morgan just as she is stepping out of the shower stall. She snaps, “Go ahead and look.” Spike is surprised. Then she adds, “Through my clothes, I mean.” Well, she had to say that, all of that. Our boy Spike is playing with fire and only Sebastian can try to talk some sense into him.

The one thing, of course, than can instantly kill a date is if it’s clear either party is not showing interest. While not really a date, Spike and Morgan are both attentive to each other during their long talk over drinks. It leaves Spike a bit bemused and off guard. If he was really listening to what Morgan was saying, he might not be leaving himself so open. But who catches all the flaws on the first date? Well, maybe it’s not exactly a first date but maybe as close as Spike can get to these days. It’s close enough that he simply can’t see his loyal guardsman, Sebastian, as he’s flailing his little arms in the air in futile agony to warn his master.

“Spike #3” is avialable October 24. Visit our friends at Dark Horse Comics.

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