WILLOW #3 Review

Willow Dark Horse 003

“Willow” glides deeper into her wants and needs in Part Three of “Wonderland.” The Jeff Parker and Christos Gage script gives it up for Willow. Brian Ching’s art gives it up for Willow. This issue is an enchanting walk through the mystical realm that doesn’t seem to offer any options besides hedonistic pleasure. That’s not exactly such a bad idea for Willow. She has a new girlfriend, the reptile witch, Aluwyn, and an intoxicating playground to enjoy.

It is Willow’s sidekick demon, Marrak, who needs to take on the role of nag. He is confident that he’s found some ancient relics that may very well solve Willow’s problem. But what problem is that? Oh, yeah, the whole reason she’s there, to return magic to Earth. It seems no use getting through to this girl. Marrak can’t do it alone. If there was ever any doubt, Willow needs Marrak.

This issue has some really beautiful scenes in it. You have the ocean, and cute and cuddly little octopi, just before a huge Cthulhu like monster spoils the mood. But, the prevailing theme in this issue is that Willow is really at odds with remaining the persistent do-gooder and just giving in to her new bond with Aluwyn. So, a good issue and a chance for us readers to bond more with the characters.

“Willow #3” comes out January 2, 2013. Visit our friends at Dark Horse Comics.

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