Lovecraft P.I. – A Script to Comic Supernatural Noir

A unique Lovecraft project that will appeal to fans of horror and great storytelling.

Probing The Cosmos

*If you fancy H.P. Lovecraft, horror, monsters & ghouls, fantasy, and paranormal adventures, this is the post to be reading!*
– Even just an interest and curiosity for great, original art and comics will suffice!


It’s been a long time coming for Artists Fritz Striker, founder of TRASH Studios & DW Kann, founder of Darkside Films. But the time has finally come for them to put their master plan into action! They are working to raise money to publish Part 1 of their 3 Part Comic Series that has recently been converted from a screenplay, also created by the two. 

They are currently undergoing a 33 day Kickstarter donation period in which their ultimate goal is to raise $30,000 by the end of this month. As well as networking through Kickstarter, they will be attending the upcoming Comic Con in NYC from October 10th – 13th to meet and greet with…

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