24-Hour Comics Day 2013: Edith Macefield

Macefield tattoo by Curtis James

Macefield tattoo by Curtis James

I embark upon my 24-hour comics odyssey with thoughts of Edith Macefield. She sounds like a wonderful person. Depending upon when you might have encountered her, she most likely came across as just someone who wanted to be left alone. And isn’t that what we all want more of? Just time to do what we want! And then the famous incident, the ultimate encounter with the ever-encroaching outside world. And what did Edith Macefield do when developers descended upon her and hoped to buy her off, and out of the way? She told them where they could go. No, not even for a millions dollars, would she sell her little home.

Yes, tell the money people they can take it somewhere else. That’s the spirit. It’s an appealing credo to live by, isn’t it? You too can have your little credo stamped onto a tile at the forthcoming Credo Square, a public space that will be created at the foot of Edith’s old house. It’s now owned by a developer, sad to say. He will conduct real estate training in that house. But, as a gesture of goodwill, there will be some sort of public space. And at this public space, you’ll be able to be purchase your credo tile for just $250! That is outrageous and hilarious. Maybe Edith would have found the dark humor in that.

What sounds like a truly good thing is the Macefield Music Festival. Learn more about it here.

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