24-Hour Comics Day: Henry Chamberlain in Seattle: Featuring Ballard neighborhood, 10/5-6/2013


24-Hour Comics Day is an internationally observed marathon for cartoonists, on the first weekend in October, with the goal of creating a full length 24-page comic narrative within 24 hours. I have been a happy participant in this event, followed by thousands of like-minded souls, for a few years now. This year, I set my sights on the neighborhood of Ballard, a vibrant part of Seattle with plenty to write and draw about.

Now, here’s the deal, I will be all over Ballard during the 24-Hour Comics Day, October 5-6. If you spot me, stop by and say hello. One of the advantages of including my mug on my site’s banner is that you actually might recognize me from it. So, yeah, I welcome a hearty hello. And, if you happen to be a cartoonist, maybe hang out for a bit and draw along. Or just relax and feel free to share any thoughts. It will be a special night.

For you locals, don’t forget that the first annual Macefield Music Festival takes place that Saturday night at Tractor Tavern. You might spot me there. Earlier in the evening, my partner, Jennifer Daydreamer, will be celebrating her birthday with a few friends. So, we’re really going to do our best to mingle and just pop into a number of Ballard hot spots. Some come to mind, like Hattie’s Hat, Conner Byrne, Kickin’ Boot, The Hi-Life, BalMar, and Stoneburner, just to name a few.

Of course, more details to follow. And, well, have a great time in Ballard. We’ll literally be there all night long. We’re staying at the Ballard Inn, which is awesome.


And, if you stop by The Hi-Life, you can view one of my paintings, “Steampunk Autumn,” which you’ll find if you look over to the long counter in the back.

And a big thank you goes out to Comics Dungeon for helping sponsor this year’s 24-Hour Comics Day! They know comics and they have you covered for all your needs in comics.

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