“No Clue” is a sly mix of comedy and noir. Comedy is a funny thing, isn’t it? And noir might be an even funnier thing, to get right, that is. So, to mix the two, and be sly about it, is pretty impressive!


That first scene could easily have been the deal breaker for me, with lesser talent. But there is nothing lesser, or least, or low about Amy Smart and Brent Butt. As the classic femme fatale and the would-be private detective, Smart and Butt amble their way through a very awkward, and funny, first meeting. She is distraught at the mere mention of her missing brother. He is trying too hard to comfort her, which leads to her becoming more and more distraught.


In the end, we find these two are good for the long run. Butt, as Leo Falloon, has a good handle on being rather absurd while not cartoony. Smart has a good handle on being sexy (which should be easy for her) and a sense of mystery and danger. And, of course, Falloon needs someone to confide in. David Koechner manages to be cartoony but with a heart that keeps him human. I had no clue about “No Clue” but I’m glad to be up to speed. It was chosen as an Official Selection at the 2014 LA Comedy Festival and I can clearly see why.


You may have never heard of Brent Butt before. But that can be corrected really quick. Just imagine what it was like before you became familiar with Louis C.K. And then, one day, you knew about him and it made you feel good inside. Or something like that. Louis C.K. is a good comedic actor to compare with Butt. Both of these guys are nobody’s fool. You’ll want to check out what Butt has been up to. He created Canada’s number one TV sitcom, “Corner Gas,” which is now on its way to becoming a major motion picture.

Aside from wonderful performances throughout, including Kirsten Prout and Dustin Milligan, this movie takes its noir seriously. Written by Butt, and directed by Carl Bessai, this is truly a mix of comedy and noir with a fun mystery to solve. This offbeat character-driven movie brings to mind Robert Altman’s “The Long Goodbye.” And, if you appreciate a good noir backdrop, you’ll see Vancouver BC in all its glory.

We follow Falloon from being a pretty nebbish salesman to a slightly less nebbish aspiring private detective. And then the character begins to wake up. What follows will require Falloon to either keep waking up or maybe ending up dead.

“No Clue” is distributed by eOne and is available on DVD starting June 17, 2014. Keep up with Entertainment One on Twitter here.


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  1. Wait a cotton-picking minute.

    There is a Brent Butt movie that I have not heard of? How is this possible?

    Well, thanks to this post I’m finally in the loop. Sheesh! How did this escape my notice?!

    (And great review, by the way!)

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