DVD Review: FOREV, starring Noël Wells

Noël Wells and Matt Mider in "Forev"

Noël Wells and Matt Mider in “Forev”

The whole idea behind the film, “Forev,” is wasted youth, or youth wasting away and just waiting to be rolled over and swept away. That’s pretty much how the characters in this movie often feel like. Not always, but it’s a tendency. When you’re right in the thick of being young, you can feel quite lost and that can bring on some loopy choices. Why not marry your next door neighbor since he’s just as lonely as you are and he seems pretty cool? Life has brought Sophie (played by Noël Wells) to this conclusion. And, oddly enough, her neighbor, Pete (played by Matt Mider) is into it.

It’s a premise that works quite well due to the actors and to the poetic nature of the screenplay. This fanciful story zips along as one thing leads to another. Just after Sophie and Pete have had their moment of clarity to get married, Pete reveals he has to leave to be with his sister. Huh? Oh, check this out, Pete’s sister, Jess (played by Amanda Bauer) is getting married. You know, like in the traditional way which involves dating, a relationship, an engagement, and sinking into debt. No, not for Sophie and Pete. They’ve found a way around the system! And these two are in such a hurry that they haven’t even kissed each other, ever. Time for that later.

This is a nice mix of farce and reality-check. The further along we go, Pete, Sophie, and later on Jess, get involved in some interesting adventures with various oddballs. But, as can happen after the greatest day ever, reality, such as it is, can set in. Going from loopy to grounded, these characters and story find a sweet spot in between. Written and directed by Molly Green and Jame Leffler, with additional writing by the three lead actors, this is a nice date movie and much more.

With news that Noël Wells has been bumped off SNL, it’s time to take a closer look at this wonderful talent. “Forev” demonstrates that Noël Wells can just have Lorne Michaels kiss her ass. Ah, just kidding. Anyway, it’s time to move on. The kid will do just fine. Check out the official Forev website right here.

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