White House Correspondents’ Dinner Unlikely Yet Reliable on Edgy Comedy

Aunt Lydia, Dear Lydia!

These White House Correspondents’ Dinners always seem to sneak up on me. It seems that this year’s crept up on me all the more-so given the absence of a president. There was Trump in Michigan doing another one of his weird rallies and that got me to thinking, Why is Trump in Michigan? Oh, wait up, is he avoiding the WHCD? Why, that rascal! Say what you will about dowdy ole C-Span and humorless inside the beltway elites, the WHCD proves each year to be good for some very good laughs. All you need is a sense of humor.

The White House has already had to deal with one Wolf (Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury) and now they’ve got Michelle Wolf. If you listen to her set with a healthy sense of humor, you would probably be hard put to dismiss her out of hand. Her material is not beyond the pale by contemporary comedy standards. And, if we focus on the roasting of Sarah Huckabee Sanders, nothing is particularly unreasonable within context. The art of great comedy is to synthesize down to the essentials a myriad of ideas. To compare SHS to Aunt Lydia, the villain in Hulu’s “The Handmaid’s Tale,” is utterly hilarious on so many levels. Obama or Dubya would have taken a similar jab and laughed it off. But not Her Royal Highness of Deceit. Is there something wrong here? Well, it sure don’t look good.

C’mon Sarah, all you would have needed to do was chuckle!

There is a moment in Wolf’s monologue when she lets loose with a real zinger at former beleaguered chief of staff Reince Priebus. What did he do? He laughed! He even gave the joke a thumbs up! That displays a level of sophistication that is completely lost on Sarah. For her to look upset shows she still has much to learn.

Hmm, Sarah, it would be pretty awkward to chuckle, wouldn’t it?

Getting to the heart of the Aunt Lydia comparison, consider this excerpt from an excellent piece by Megan Wood at Rifinery 29:

Sanders is used as a mouthpiece to protect those in the Trump administration. Much like Aunt Lydia, she lies to Americans who are having their rights stripped away. For instance, Sanders falsely stated that immigrants coming to the U.S. through the diversity visa program aren’t vetted before their arrival. Meanwhile, Trump has been working to remove Dreamer’s rights to undocumented immigrants who were legally allowed to work and study in the country. She has tried to tell American woman that the Trump administration’s effort to remove birth control from mandated health coverage is all about religious freedom. Apparently that is more important, and more endangered, than having control over ones own body. Sanders has also protected those who are accused of crimes against women (much like Aunt Lydia). Recently, she came under fire for protecting former White House aide Rob Porter after accusations of disturbing alleged domestic abuse.

Finally, the myth about Trump is that he’s been this amazing disruptor. He doesn’t stand on ceremony and gets the job done. So, why can’t we also embrace the disruptive force of Michelle Wolf and let her not stand on ceremony and get the job done? Don’t worry. She got the job done.


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10 responses to “White House Correspondents’ Dinner Unlikely Yet Reliable on Edgy Comedy

  1. Anyone with a brain would avoid the hatefest known as the WHCD. Michelle Wolf conducted herself as a vile pig. She proved why Trump got elected. It’s a shame so many are so dull to it.

    • The annual WHCD provides a valuable window into where we are as a country each year by showcasing some of the best talent around. After all the naysayers have had their say, the fact remains that Michelle Wolf nailed it. Check back in ten years, she will still have nailed it.

  2. Jay

    It’s true, roasts can be brutal but if you can’t laugh at yourself with some grace, it’s really all over.

  3. selizabryangmailcom

    I find that myth amusing, too, that Trump “doesn’t stand on ceremony and gets the job done.” It seems like he definitely doesn’t stand on ceremony but doesn’t come anywhere close to getting the job done. Re: SHS…I think I would have had a heart attack if she loosened up enough to laugh. And I think Michelle the people who voted Trump in probably wouldn’t even get her sense of humor.

  4. selizabryangmailcom

    I agree! Lol, speaking of “intelligence,” I meant RE: Michelle up there. Just to correct a confusing sentence. 🙂

    • Yes, I get it! I’m not sure our first commentator made much sense but she’s entitled to her opinion!

      Anyway, one bit of good to come out of all this is more viewers to Hulu’s show and more readers to Margaret Atwood!

      • selizabryangmailcom

        Omg…no disrespect to freedom of speech! One of the last things (under severe attack) left in our country! And long live Margaret Atwood.

      • Michelle Wolf’s jokes are intricate gems that linger in the mind. That is part of what infuriated a lot of the haters. They could not just tar and feather her and run her out of town.

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