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WONDER WOMAN #4 Review of the New 52

Wonder Woman is the crown jewel in comics. You have the trinity of Batman, Superman and…Wonder Woman. Since her debut in the first issue of “Sensation Comics” in 1940, she’s grabbed the attention of the general public. Some might say that she’s had some trouble staying in the spotlight but she’s too important a character, a symbol, to not do right by her. She’s the Statue of Liberty of comics! You know what I’m saying? Well, lucky for us, she’s been getting the royal treatment for her run as part of the New 52. Written by Brian Azzarello (100 Bullets) and drawn by Cliff Chiang (Human Target), it is the royal treatment indeed.

We’re already up to Issue Four and this story just keeps getting more intriguing. We’ve had a fundamental change to Diana’s origin that has really become a central part of this story in a very intelligent and interesting way. So, this is hardly a secret, you know that the big game changer is that Diana no longer was literally created from clay by her mother, Hippolyta. Sure, she could have easily created a child from clay but that story always seemed a bit too creepy. I love this new version because, in an instant, it makes Wonder Woman all the more accessible. Hippolyta had an affair with Zeus, the ultimate womanizing god! And what happens on Paradise Island can not stay on Paradise Island. In Issue Four, Hippolyta comes face to face with the other woman, Hera! 

But that’s only part of the story. As you may recall from the first issue, Wonder Woman has found herself providing comfort, and much needed safety, for a mortal young woman, Zola, who managed to hook up and get knocked up by Zeus.

Then you have Strife who is a totally messed up chick. But Wonder Woman has got it covered. At the first sign of Strife threatening Zola and her baby, Wonder Woman lets Strife have it. All this played out in a club, which is nice to see Wonder Woman being a part of that scene.

We also have Apollo who is plotting his next move very carefully. We see him attempting to drag Ares into his plans. With a shaky hand, the world-weary God of War, pours himself another drink and never stops pouring. He looks as beleaguered as he could possibly be. This story has many things in play and it all looks to be part of an awesome bigger story.

We’ve come a long way since that first issue of “Sensation Comics.” Wonder Woman can look forward to a healthy relaunch. The next issue, Number 5, is on sale January 18, 2012. Tell me that “Woman Woman” is not a hot title! Oh, it is. Wonder Woman is something to whoot, whoot, whoot about!

You can’t get tired of this cover art by Cliff Chiang for the next issue. It is easily one of the coolest covers I’ve seen in a long while. The next issue comes out January 18, 2012. Keep a close eye on Wondy. She is red hot.

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