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Comic-Con 2015: Conan O’Brien To Broadcast TBS Show

Conan "The Flaming C" O'Brien

Conan “The Flaming C” O’Brien

Yes, you read that right, Conan O’Brien will be broadcasting from Comic-Con in 2015. True Comic-Con fans are quite familiar with announcements made way in advance. I’m sure Conan will get a lot of love and support from his fans at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

Details follow from Deadline Hollywood:

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Conan Report Card

If you somehow missed the first week of Conan, then go to the Team Coco Web site. I must admit that is how I got my recap on Conan and I had a good time. A highlight has to be the opening skit where he keeps getting gunned down mafia style. The show retains all the high energy of coming from one of the original Big Three networks and brings with it some new zing. Nice touch, for instance, to give each show a title like from some dumb TV series from yesteryear. My favorite for this week: “Tonight’s Episode: The Mummenschantz Conundrum.”

So, the show has the look and feel of a big network talk show. But the Web site still needs some tweaks. Maybe, in time, they will spruce up the “You May Also Like” section. Right now, you’ve got your choice between some old “Family Guy” clips and, oddly enough, a clip from “The Soup Nazi” episode from “Seinfeld.” Conan should work that into his monologue sometime. Anyway, can’t complain too much. This is a nice line from his premiere monologue: “It’s not easy being on a network without a lot of money and also hard for people to find. So, that’s why I left NBC.”

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