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QUEEN CRAB by Jimmy Palmiotti review

“Queen Crab” is a graphic novel origin story for the title character with the promise of more stories in the future. As a little piece of pulp fiction, it’s a good enough read although the story does go dark fast and often so be warned. In fact, the life story of Ginger Drake is pitch-black. She lives in a rundown Brooklyn neighborhood full of lowlifes; she has casual sex like other people take aspirin; she must have sex with her boss to keep her job; and she’s marrying a guy she hardly knows or cares about. Pretty grim stuff. Where do you go from there? Good question. The bigger question to ask is what is the motivation for this project and the answer is to launch a character. If this is your thing, then give it a try. As I say, this is a promise of more to come and it basically functions as a very dark little set piece.

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TIME BOMB highly recommended

TIME BOMB is a graphic novel just released by Radical Books. It is one very enjoyable thrill ride. Brought to you by a dream team of talent: Writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray (JONAH HEX) and artist Paul Gulacy (BATMAN, MASTER OF KUNG FU).

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