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While it’s been some time since I’ve sat down with a truly goofy and wonderful kids show, it did not take long to appreciate the charms of “THE AQUABATS,” a new show for kids on The Hub. You know what I mean, right? Think of “H. R. Pufnstuf,” or “The Banna Splits,”   It also brings to mind, in a good way, “The Teletubbies.” I say, in a good way, because this show has a very sweet side and is unabashedly for kids so it is quite repetitive and quite silly. This will definitely try the patience of an adult. But, here’s the thing, it is SUPPOSED to try the patience of an adult! And, there’s the cool factor too, believe it or not. These guys are a band, a real band. So, they have that street cred which helps them connect with adults. And, if you happen to enjoy really silly stuff, then you’re all set!

“Manant,” the first episode, follows The Aquabats on the pursuit of marauding giant ants led by the arch-villain, Manant. The opening segment finds The Aquabats in a frenzied state after an all-night nonstop performance at a teen birthday party. The guys haven’t eaten and they are just about to prepare for breakfast when the call goes out for their help. They hastily leave the scene of their gig to the dismay of the birthday girl who feels they should stay longer. After some apologies, The Aquabats are on their way but they reach the scene of the crime too late. It’s after some more stumbling about that our heroes figure out they are looking for Man-Ant, and not a manant, whatever that is. Later still, there is an unexpected revelation that puts the giant ants and Man-Ant into proper perspective. The Aquabats have a fighting chance of defeating Man-Ant–or do they?

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