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Krups Coffee Maker For Free

I live in a neighborhood full of disposable quality goods. It’s a combination of the transitory youthful demographic and some extra money to burn. Welcome to Seattle and my neighborhood of Fremont. I don’t know about where you live, but it is very acceptable to leave items out on the curb with a “FREE” sign or not. People know it’s up for grabs. The other day, it was a Krups coffee maker. I can imagine a hipster couple pondering whether or not to snatch it up:

Hipster dude: Hey, it’s a Krups!

Hipster chick: Yeah, but it’s been out in the rain.

Hipster dude: Sure, but it’s a Krups!

Hipster chick: You’re right. It’s a Krups.

So, they take it home. There’s no obligation to keep it. There have been plenty of items that are taken and then abandoned again. No one seems to consider or much care if the thing, whether an inconveniently tall bookcase or a somewhat outdated laptop, ever gets claimed or if there is a sanitation crew that ultimately picks it up. It’s a nice neighborhood. The stuff always disappears. Sometimes a box of assorted books will take awhile to be picked through. But always, always, the stuff finds a home. I suppose no one has to worry that these cast-offs will take anything away from the surroundings since these are quality goods, everything enveloped in a polite and discrete hue.

With just a little effort, I think, most if not all of these little treasures could be done away in a more proper manner. A yard sale is an option and we have our share of those. There’s always someone moving or someone who has reclaimed their basement. With a little more effort, there’s eBay but I doubt too many of my neighbors want to take the time for that. There’s a yoga class to go to or they are finishing up plans to go to the Himalayas, you just never know. Anyway, it adds to the character of the hood. And who doesn’t like finding a perfectly good night stand from Crate & Barrel, ready to be hauled away, just when you least expect it.

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