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Movie Review: ‘The Babadook’


In “The Babadook,” the bogeyman in this movie is especially frightening, on a level that will have you wrestling with your own demons. And you never really see it. Even though you do. As fast as you may find yourself on the verge of exposing a trusty horror movie trope, this film moves faster. It certainly doesn’t shirk from one of the biggest tropes of them all: the conflict between being normal versus being different.

What if that troubled little boy, Samuel, could just get with the program and act normally? Maybe there’s some medication he could take to control him? But what if medication is far from what is needed here? Samuel (played by Noah Wiseman) has a compelling answer to that as the film’s focus, its lightning rod.

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DO YOU LIKE MY BASEMENT? out on DVD, Netflix, and iTunes


If you’re looking for some sophisticated horror, check out Director Roger Sewhcomar’s DO YOU LIKE MY BASEMENT? Whether you’re a horror movie purist or a casual viewer, this is a thrill ride that is sure to please. You can think of this as tapping into the spirit of suspense in such classics as PSYCHO but with a contemporary edge.

Meet Stanley Farmer, a man who only wishes to make a truly authentic horror movie. Played with devilish glee by Charlie Floyd, Farmer is a handsome, dapper fellow with a taste for blood. Part comedy of errors, part little shop of horrors, you’ll find yourself quite entertained. This is also sly social satire. Our social media brings us all together in such interesting ways.

You can read my full review here. And you can listen to my interview with the director, Roger Sewhcomar, here.

You can find it as Netflix, iTunes, and available as a DVD, at such outlets as Best Buy, as of January 21, 2014.

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