BATMAN #3 Review of the New 52

Comics events will come and go and Batman will always be cool. But there’s never been anything quite like a re-launch of 52 titles as DC Comics has done. The landmark titles are getting the closest scrutiny, of course. “Action Comics,” the cornerstone to the DC Comics universe is hitting it out of the ballpark while it can be said that the new “Superman” is putting in an impressive showing. Where does Batman fit into the mix? He’s too cool to care so I’m asking for him.

The short answer: Among all the Bat titles out right now, “Batman” is the one to follow. Pretty easy this time around. If you’re into keeping up with the heart and soul of Batman, then just read “Batman.” That’s the title currently hitting the mark.

But, hey, if you have the extra time and money, of course, check out the other Bat titles. As for “Detective Comics,” I’m not getting into it since it’s basically just violence and not enough story. The truth is, if you want the hot Superman story right now, it’s “Action Comics” and, if you want the hot Batman story right now, then it’s “Batman.”

Currently up to Issue Three, Scott Snyder’s run on “Batman” keeps moving along, maybe even to the level of hitting it out of the ballpark.

The challenge with any superhero story of this caliber, be it Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, is saying something distinctive, even something daringly new. Do you settle on doing a cool CSI type story, which “Batman” lends itself to quite easily, or do you find a way to break new ground?

Here’s the thing, there  is absolutely nothing wrong with NOT breaking new ground and focusing on a solid story. But then, some guys can’t leave well enough alone.

Owls. It’s all about the owls—but so much more too. For one thing, Snyder has developed a new pal for Bruce Wayne, an honest politician, mayoral candidate, Lincoln March. It’s nice to give Bruce a new pal, at least for awhile. Snyder has also managed to do more than make Gotham “another character” in the story. Much in the way he’s provided full-bodied storytelling in “American Vampire” and his own recent run on “Detective Comics,” he loves to delve into details of the Batman saga. It’s quite an accomplishment when the words prove to be as evocative as the art. Snyder gives us an array of fanciful things to contemplate, most notably Wayne Tower which was built by a Wayne forefather as a shining beacon to commerce and to newcomers to Gotham.

And then we’ve got those owls, The Court of Owls. It turns out they’ve been around for a long, long time and have been hiding in the nooks and crannies of Gotham, in nasty spots like the hidden 13th floor of buildings. The tightly packed tension should continue to mount nicely before it all becomes a big ole owl bloodbath.

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