“DARK MATTER,” a four-part comic from Dark Horse Comics, gives us a great sci-fi premise: a crew in outer space awakens from deep sleep with no idea as to who they are. It’s a whopper of a set-up, hovering over cliche or classic, but the team of “Stargate” series writers, Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie really take this up to a smooth cruising level. Can you cruise in space? Well, maybe not but you know what I mean. I love the whole casual/cool vibe running throughout this comic, in the writing, in the art by Garry Brown, the colors by Ryan Hill and even in the nicely placed lettering by Richard Starkings and Comicraft over sketchy yet precise artwork. It’s the kind of art you’d love to see in your own sketchbook, a daring and spontaneous feel that’s masterfully brought to life.

Okay, so the crew emerges from their stasis pods a bit punchy but eventually fall in line by instinct. They still have their skills and common knowledge intact. They just don’t know who the hell they are or what it is they’re supposed to do. They have the common sense not to turn on each other. But that’s no fun, right? Well, their is one other figure that emerges from a pod, an android run amok so that keeps the crew pretty busy. And then you’ve got a handful of signs of things yet to come. It’s a winner of a comic. It reminds of some of the best European comics, the sort that maintain an aloof and devil-may-care attitude. “Dark Matter” is one you’ll want to seek out! Keep an eye for this one. The first issue releases on January 11, and number two comes out on February 8. Check out the Dark Horse Web site for more details on “Dark Matter.”


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  1. josephmallozzi

    Hey Henry,

    Pleased to see you liked Dark Matter #1. The first issue establishes the mystery but it’s issue #2 that will hopefully waylay you in it’s final pages.

    Looking forward to reading your reaction.


  2. Thanks so much. I definitely want to keep reading Dark Matter.

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