Quor’toth, the hell within a hell, never looked worse to Angel. His son, Connor, thinks it’s about the same since the last time he saw it. The family trip from hell, rather, to hell, was only meant to be a quick day trip in order to restore Willow’s magic which may lead to greater things like bringing back magic to the world and even resurrecting Giles. But to get all this, it meant going back to Quor’toth and sorting out the right mojo. As fate would have it, this would not be just a simple day trip. For starters, Willow drops a bomb with her declaring she is going to need a lot of time to get her magic groove thing back.

Part 2 of “Family Reunion” finds us deep in Quor’toth for much of the story where we find some marvelous ghoulies thanks to Rebekah Issacs’s wicked drawing. We begin with these muscular gorgons with dragon wings and bulbous heads with multiple eyes and sphincter-like faces. They are ready to attack until they get a look at Connor and declare his return, since his days as a boy, as the Second Coming, and the Wrath of the Destroyer.

It’s not long before Angel and Connor find old relics indicating that Connor was looked upon as some sort of god. All this overwhelms Angel and he feels sorry for the great burden that Connor has had endured. Here, Christos Gage’s writing comes back to family values and Connor reassures Angel that he’s been a good father to him: “You gave me what I needed to survive until I could stand on my own. That’s what a parent does, right? A good one, anyway.”

And to top off all the good feeling, Connor comes into contact with another band of creatures who utterly adore him because they came to understand that his power came from love and understanding! These are very faithful creatures and it makes sense they resemble shaggy dogs. They are in total of awe of Connor and his gospel of love. It leads Faith to snicker at Connor, “Look at you. Hipster Jesus!”

Away from this Edgar Rice Burroughs adventure, back in London we get to see what the Ab Fab sisters have been up to which isn’t much aside from being drunk and irresponsible. This sordid arrangement could only last for so long before something went awry. And something does go awry, very awry.

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