It was announced today that Disney has bought Lucasfilm. Is this a marriage made in heaven? Will it last? Even though George Lucas has been paid a king’s ransom, you’d think that his dearest wish is that Yoda and the gang will be in good company with Mickey and his crew. Did George Lucas sell out? Read the full story, from Forbes, here. Is Disney the rightful heir to the Star Wars franchise? We shall see. The first test will be how they handle, “Star Wars: Episode 7,” due out in 2015. You can read more about that, from MTV, here.

This will take time for some fans to process while many are probably ready to cry foul. It is worth showcasing this recent comment, by Jamion, attached to the coverage by Forbes:

Lucas… Lucas Lucas. Disney is only going to steal the Star Wars name and molest it for money. If you wanted Star Wars to survive beyond you, you should have created a Star Wars Committee to act as an independent governing body for all things Star Wars related. An organization whose sole purpose for being is the maintenance of Star Wars lore and canon. This organization could have been used to fund the arts, to create a place for independent writers and filmmakers to come and learn the art of film making. As well a the creation of an official Star Wars museum that tells the whole Expanded Universe lore of the saga. This could have been used a dedicated fiscal organization to promotion of Star Wars products without being forced to have them degraded with other stories like Mickey, Song of the South, etc. This is bad move, not only are throwing away the integrity of your creation your are alienating your fan base, the people who spend their money on your creation. This is a bad, almost anyone can tell you this a bad move. You don’t throw the people who give you money to the wolves, you don’t screw over your customer base. It’s bad business, it’s bad ethics, it’s bad common sense.

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