Nicole Georges (Calling Dr. Laura) at Atomic Books, Feb 21

Nicole Georges Cassie Sneider tour 2013

If you’re in Baltimore, Maryland, on February 21, you must go to Atomic Books and see Nicole Georges and Cassie Sneider on their raucous tour, along with Monica Gallagher and Sally Madden.

Calling Dr. Laura 2013

“Calling Dr. Laura” is the story about how Nicole Georges came to grips with finding out her dead father was really alive. It sounds like a really good story already, doesn’t it? And to hear Nicole tell it, you’ll want to get this book. Nicole matter-of-factly states that she first got the idea that her real father was still alive after a palm reading. That is confirmed by her family. This leads Nicole to seek advice from conservative talk show maven, “Dr. Laura.” This book is one of those idiosyncratic works that will get under your skin. Watch this video of Nicole explaining how it all went down here.

More details follow:

Nicole Geroges, Cassie Sneider, Monica Gallagher, Sally Madden at Atomic Books on February 21, 7-9 pm

A night of discussion, displays and conversation featuring:
Cartoonist Nicole J Georges (Dear Dr. Laura, Invincible Summer)
Essayist Cassie J Sneider (Fine Fine Music)
Monica Gallagher (Glitter Kiss, Bonnie N. Collide, Boobage)
Sally Madden (Gray Is Not A Color)

In the graphic memoir Dear Dr. Laura, Nicole discovers that when her family told her, as a young child, that her father was dead was not actually true. So she turns to the radio personality for advice.

Cassie is a hilarious and wildly entertaining essayist and pop-culture observationalist.

In Glitter Kiss, Monica illustrates a graphic novel about Tinka’s magical pursuit for true love.

Gray Is Not A Color is a collection of stories, in comics format, about Philadelphia’s famed Mutter Museum.

Adult beverages will be served.

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