“Buddy Cops” is weird, absurd, and addictive. Why would an alcoholic peace officer from another galaxy end up being “demoted” to the NYPD and teamed up with an android created in the 1970s and programmed to be too exacting? If you really have to ask, then you don’t know Dark Horse Comics humor. Sometimes, it’s best to just roll with it. This one-shot first appeared as part of the ongoing anthology series, “Dark Horse Presents” and has some new material to even things out. This is a great opportunity to remind everyone about “Dark Horse Presents.” Check it out for a tantalizing assortment of new comics each month. “Dark Horse Presents #22” arrives March 20 and you can learn more about it here.

Getting back to “Buddy Cops,” there is something so annoyingly politically incorrect about this comic along with a bent toward the surreal that makes you want to read more. As it is, we’ve got a set of interesting scenarios that sort of go off a cliff. That is all well and good for this sort of thing. Number one, you’ll find the plot, dialogue, and jokes, amusing. Number two, Evan Shaner’s art is pleasing and there are some moments of brilliant composition. I especially like the 90 foot tall orangutan. Rounding out the package, Rus Wooton does a great job with lettering, adding some extra touches where needed.

“Buddy Cops” is a March 13 release. It is 32 pages. File under: Action/Adventure, Humor, Sci-Fi. Visit our friends at Dark Horse Comics.

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  1. Sounds different – and different is gold these days!

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