The world of the one panel comics gag shares a lot in common with the world of stand-up comedy. Either the joke works or it doesn’t. There isn’t much room for debate. Well, maybe. But, in general, you know what I mean. It needs to make an impact pretty quickly. Welcome to Wrong Hands, the world of John Atkinson, where jokes make impacts.

Life and art are a process. You learn by doing. And you often get your best ideas when you least expect them, when you don’t seem to be doing anything more than preparing to fall asleep. That’s when John relies on his pad and pencil near his nightstand. He’ll come up with an idea and jot it down. The next morning, he’ll either gasp in disgust or be pleased by a promising new joke.

But will his audience be as receptive to this new joke as he is? Sometimes, in those solidarity moments of word play and free assocaiton, a connection will be made that is so strong that it is emboldens the cartoonist to take a stand. He’ll deliver the joke, no matter the consequences.


It becomes a matter of honor. A person will stick their neck out, all for the sake of a joke. It’s the principle of the thing: a joke for the sake of a joke. The fight is on, if needed, against all who can’t take a joke, who would rather analyze and dissect it. Everyone is entitled to their opinon but the cartoonist is there to believe in his, or her, work.

And so it goes with Mr. Atkinson’s hand in the game. In his case, it’s the “wrong hands.”

Click on the full interview below:

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10 responses to “Interview: JOHN ATKINSON and WRONG HANDS

  1. Jeff

    I love Wrong Hands! I look forward to seeing what funny images and take on life John will provide next. Always so funny. Everyone can use humour in their lives and thanks to John, we have some 🙂

  2. Peter

    Wrong Hands cartoons are creative, insightful,satirical, and hilarious. Keep them coming.

  3. Really great interview, Wrong Hands Rocks! : )

  4. Nick

    lol John’s my neighbor! Great guy. But it’s almost strange seeing him being being semi-famous.

  5. Sylvia Tevlin

    I always get excited when I see a new Wrong Hands cartoon is out. I am never disappointed! John makes me think and laugh…my two favourite things.

  6. I’ve been a big fan of John’s cartoons for yonks. Always funny, always entertaining. Great write up of a talented cartoonist

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