Interview: CARLOS GABRIEL RUIZ and Pretentious Record Store Guy


Record Store Day is April 20. How are you celebrating? Maybe you need to include some of this…

PRETENTIOUS RECORD STORE GUY is a comic by Carlos Gabriel Ruiz about, Guy Valentine, a cool young guy who, at 30, is wondering if there’s more to life than just being cool. A collection of this comics series is currently the subject of a fundraising campaign at Kickstarter, that ends on April 27, and you can visit right HERE.


It hits Guy Valentine hard that he needs to get his act together. His life has always been about music and being cool. As a record store clerk, he’s hip to the latest music before everyone else, he gets in free to shows, and he gets to pose and preen before all those who can only wish to be him. But there’s got to be more to life, right?


In this interview, Carlos shares with us what led to the creation of his character and his story. This began as a series in a local paper, moved on to become a comic book series, and is now ready to be collected into a book. Along the way, PRETENTIOUS RECORD STORE GUY has taken on a life of its own as its character seeks the meaning of life.

Click below for the interview:

Visit the Kickstarter campaign for PRETENTIOUS RECORD STORE GUY here. And you can also visit the PRETENTIOUS RECORD STORE GUY website here.


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    • I really appreciate that! You know, a special edition of my work is coming out in 2014 and includes Alice in New York. This collection is entitled, A NIGHT AT THE SORRENTO AND OTHER STORIES. It showcases my point of view: quirky and offbeat, slice of life, stream of consciousness.

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