Wonder Woman on CW!

Wonder Woman art by Mike Allred

Wonder Woman art by Mike Allred

According to Hero Complex, a new Wonder Woman television series remains on track at CW. But could it possibly be as cool as this Wonder Woman art by Michael Allred? I would say probably not.

The “interesting” news so far is who is currently in charge of writing it:

Allan Heinberg (“The O.C.,” “Young Avengers” comics), who wrote the “Amazon” script, is no longer on the project. Aron Eli Coleite (“Heroes,” “Ultimate X-Men” comics) is writing the current draft.

Who is Aron Eli Colieite? Courtesy of Call Me Adam, we get a very nice and polite overview of an impressive mainstream career in television. Nice, sure, very nice:

Emmy Award Nominee Aron Eli Coleite is an author of multiple works for the stage, screen and comic books. His background in theatre includes work as the Literary Manager, Dramaturg and ultimately, Artistic Director of Santa Monica’s Powerhouse Theatre Company. Aron currently serves as a co-executive producer and writer on the new Oren Peli/Steven Spielberg TV series, “The River,” premiering on ABC in 2012. His prior television credits include “Party of Five” and the NBC crime drama “Crossing Jordan.” Most recently, he served as a writer/producer on the hit NBC series “Heroes.” For his work on Heroes, Aron was nominated for an Emmy Award and won a People’s Choice, TV Land, and Saturn Award. He is currently writing a pilot for a new CBS series to be produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, a project for the Sci-Fi Network with acclaimed television and theatre producer Bill Haber, and a feature film for 20th Century Fox. Aron is known to comic book fans around the world for his work on Marvel’s Ultimate X-Men and creating the series Vice and The Covenant for Top Cow Comics.

Sounds like that could be good news for some. The only quibble, a big one actually, is that all signs point to this Wonder Woman treading on very safe and familiar ground. Perhaps safe TV is good TV. In many respects, Wonder Woman would seem like something you want to play safe with, not edgy or innovative. The CW network president, Mark Pedowitz, considers Wonder Woman to be “the trickiest of all the DC characters to get right.” There’s really no need to create problems for yourself that don’t need to exist. Consider this: You’re already at a disadvantage if you feel like you’re at a disadvantage.

Okay, first things first. Obviously, you need chemistry, if nothing else. Why is Wonder Woman such a challenge to do right? No one knows what they really want. They will know when they see it, maybe. Writing is acceptable for now, but that’s only half of the battle. The lead is so important that she will, in some yet unforeseen and magical way, determine the writing. We remember Lynda Carter. We don’t remember even one of the half-baked plots from that clunky, yet fun, show.

The fear is another misstep like the David E. Kelley/Andrea Palicki version of Wonder Woman. Not fair but that was the misstep everyone was dreading was going to happen and it was a most glorious misstep, or so everyone has been led to believe. All the deep, and not so deep, pockets are too scared to experiment. At this point, seeking a solid and competent Wonder Woman project sets the bar not too high but in the range of attainable. But is that entertainment?

My best guess is that this latest project will end up being an even bigger fail if left to run its course. Not fair. Sure, we all should just get along and make great work. So, why not go for it? You want to know when you see it working? You really, really want to know? Look closely at the above Wonder Woman art by Mr. Michael Allred. If you could create a show even slightly as cool as that, then you’ve got something. Or, better yet, create a show at that same level of coolness, and then you’re making history.

Doesn’t Wonder Woman deserve an awesome show? You just can’t get so hesitant about it. Think about all the false starts over this and that Wonder Woman project. The hesitancy has gotten to a ridiculous level. Your best bet would be to try something bold and don’t look back.

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