Welcome back to the Buffyverse! Dark Horse Comics launches Season 10 today. Without a doubt, this is a high point. So, without further ado, let’s take a look. New Rules. New Rules. That’s the name of the game and the name of this first new story arc. Buffy back to basics, fighting vampires. First off, Executive Producer: Joss Whedon; Writer: Christos Gage; Editor: Scott Allie; Artist: Rebekah Isaacs; Colorist: Dan Jackson; Cover Artist: Steve Morris. Everyone accounted for. And the very same can be said for Buffy. She can count on Xander, Willow, and Spike. Heck, we even have magic back. So, what’s a girl to do when everything seems to be going her way? Or is it?

Buffy was just a mellow barista with her feet on the ground way back at the start of Season 9. Roommates. Rent. San Fran. Now, at the start of Season 10, we have Buffy Reloaded. She’s at the top her game, aggressive, with little tolerance for indecision and ambiguity. The look and feel of this comic is just as aggressive too. And all this is a red flag. Because you have nowhere to go but down all over again. And that can be good. Therein lies our first signs of conflict. No, it’s not going to just be Buffy whompin’ on vampires…or zompires. Something’s gotta give. The Zompires of Santa Rosita create a brief alliance between vampires and slayers. But things are stewing, like still dealing with the aftermath of the lights going out, and then back on, with magic in the world.

But, wait, didn’t I mention that Buffy has gotten the band back together? That’s truly the thing to enjoy in this issue. It’s pure eye candy, great storytelling, and comics fun as you watch all the big players get in on the action. There’s plenty of Spike, of Willow, of Xander…and more. No, really, lots more. So much more it’s magical and you’ll just have to see for yourself. Yes! Pure Buffy entertainment! Everyone has things to say, stuff to do, very animated and a joy to read. Think of it as aggressive turns animated. Lots of wry humor, eye-popping color, and plenty of catching up going on here.

You know, Comics Grinder is a great fan of all things Buffy. It’s a point of pride for me on how I navigate through each issue and avoid spoilers. And, if there should seem a need to stray in that direction, I would give you a full alert beforehand. But, no, that’s not what I’m up here for, to spoil anything for you. I’m here to appreciate what’s going on, take a measure of the tone, comment on the art, comment on the direction of the narrative, all that good stuff. With that said, I very much look forward to keeping up with Buffy and the gang. Dark Horse Comics has set the gold standard and this baby is fully powered with the dream team of Gage and Isaacs. Let’s see where we go from here.

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER SEASON 10 #1 is out now! Visit our friends at Dark Horse Comics for more details here!

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