Easter Review: ‘God Is Disappointed in You’ by Mark Russell and Shannon Wheeler


Can you take a joke? That is a good question. Well, what if a few jokes do some good? What if they actually educate you about the Bible?

Anytime is a good time to brush up on The Holy Bible. Today seems like an especially good day. And what better way than through the irreverent, and informative, “God Is Disappointed In You,” the hilarious guide to the holy tome, published by Top Shelf Productions.


While lighthearted, this is your book if you want to gain some instant familiarity with a work you may not be all that familiar with. Now, let’s get one thing clear, this is not some snarky satire. This is using humor in a way that tickles the funny bone and yet doesn’t offend anyone. Is that even possible? Oh, sure, it is not only possible but this book is proof. The fact is that there is plenty of funny stuff that doesn’t go for the jugular.


Written by Mark Russell and illustrated by Shannon Wheeler, here you have all sixty-six books of the Bible in a concise, conversational, and funny format. Some readers may find the mere idea to be offensive. But what’s more offensive? Treating the Bible as a sacred, untouched and unread, relic? Or actually cracking open what’s inside and making this work more accessible? Here’s a little taste, from this book’s version of The Gospel of John:

Jesus called the disciples to the shore and made them breakfast. Like he’d done years before, Jesus broke up the bread and divided the fish to feed his guests, but this time there were no fawning crowds, no fans hoping to see a miracle, just Jesus and his friends. Jesus asked Peter, “Do you love me?” “Of course!” Peter replied. “Do you love me, Simon?” “You know I do, Lord,” said Simon. “Then feed my sheep,” Jesus commanded them.

“But you don’t have any sheep…” Peter replied as Jesus vanished. “Well, that was weird.”

“Oh, I think I get it!” Simon blurted out, “It was a metaphor! I think he wants us to take his teachings to everyone in the world who, in this allegory, are his sheep.”

“Well then, why didn’t he just say so?”

Not too bad, huh? And if you liked that, get a load of the Gospels of Luke, Mark, and Matthew. You see, what ends up happening with this book is the reader gets some easy access and some laughs. A pretty good deal I would say.

“God Is Disappointed in You” is a 192-page hardcover and you can get your copy through Top Shelf Productions right here.


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