PHOENIX COMICON 2014: Dark Horse Announces New Ongoing Series From Fred Van Lente: ‘Resurrectionists’

Project Black Sky

Project Black Sky

The name of Fred Van Lente means action, fun, and adventure! This has been the case since Van Lente first teamed up with artist Ryan Dunlavey on “Action Philosophers.” It’s been a whirlwind ride from then on with Marvel Zombies and, more recently, with “Brain Boy” and “Project Black Sky” at Dark Horse Comics. And now, we have yet another intriguing Dark Horse Comics title, “Resurrectionists.” Details follow:

PHOENIX, AZ, JUNE 6—It’s a heist three thousand years in the making, and if the Resurrectionists can unlock the past, they can fight the future! Following his success with what io9 called “the best superhero comic this Free Comic Book Day,” as well as the launches of Brain Boy: The Men from G.E.S.T.A.L.T., the ongoing webcomic Project Black Sky (at, and Conan the Avenger, Fred Van Lente (Marvel Zombies, Archer & Armstrong) brings his first ongoing creator-owned series, Resurrectionists, to Dark Horse! Illustrated by artists Maurizio Rosenzweig (Clown Fatale) and Moreno Dinisio (Dead Body Road), with covers from Juan Doe (G.I. Joe), Resurrectionists is where past lives come to life!

Framed architect-turned-thief Jericho Way has discovered that he is a Resurrectionist, one of a select group of people who can not only remember their past lives, but become them. Two groups are now after his services—the Sojourn corporation, which wants to exploit his powers for mysterious purposes, and a motley crew of modern-day tomb robbers who have been trying to pull the same impossible heist for 3,000 years—and if Jericho joins them, he may steal back his own future!

Recent praise for New York Times best-selling author Fred Van Lente:

“Van Lente gives readers just enough of everything to satisfy curiosity without overwhelming while extending an open invitation to come back for more.”—Comic Book Resources

“Fred Van Lente and his team start off slow, but quickly burst forward in a dead sprint . . . It seems that our favorite barbarian is still in very good hands.”—Newsarama

For more information, check out CBR’s exclusive series announcement, and look for Resurrectionists #1 at your local comic shop on November 9!

And don’t forget, Fred Van Lente’s The Complete Silencers (MAY140072) and Action Philosophers (JUN140072) release in September and October, respectively!

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