Kickstarter: VOYAGER – A Sci-Fi Series Based On Events From A Near Future


The most innovative and realistic TV series about space exploration and extra-terrestrial life – because we want to believe.

Check out a most deserving Kickstarter campaign. VOYAGER is a new breed of sci-fi television set in the present day and using real science.

VOYAGER is also new in that it welcomes your input. It has launched as of today, August 8th. Visit the campaign right here.

So real, it will inspire your belief in sci-fi. It is also the first network-bound narrative TV series to welcome crowdsourcing and fan endorsement at the most strategic and determining stage of its development.

Among many compelling elements to this show, the connection to science fiction and real science is very appealing. Have you read about the possibility of finding life on Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons? That is one of the missions that VOYAGER will take on.

Similar to how adventurers of yesteryear once sailed the seas or took to the skies in search of the unknown, the show follows a group of unique and conflicted characters, including beings of artificial intelligence, all led by an eccentric and daring Russian billionairess, as they explore new worlds and weird, terrifying reality.

VOYAGER is co-created and written by Richard Christian Matheson, son of legendary writer Richard Matheson, and a master of horror and science fiction in his own right. If you are looking for the next exciting sci-fi tv show, consider VOYAGER and visit their Kickstarter campaign going on thru September 12th, right here.


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  1. Sounds awesome. Being a big fan of Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001 books and movies, I’m keen to see this.

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