Coronavirus 2020: Secrets Of New York Live! with Sarah Funky and Tom Delgado

Secrets Of New York Live! with Sarah Funky and Tom Delgado

New York City, you just gotta love it and so that leads us to this post. First off, Sarah Funky owns her own tour company where she provides you with her take on New York City. Due to COVID-19, people are hesitant to do public gatherings so that impacts all sorts of business, including all facets of the tourism industry. Sarah Funky thought she’d try a virtual tour with another tour guide, Tom Delgado, to let folks know that we’re all in this together!

New York City is made up of five boroughs, with a wide spectrum of housing options. It is that fact that makes it possible for 8.5 million people, from all strata of society, to make New York City the vibrant and diverse place that it is. These are the sort of facts that Tom Delgado proudly presents on his tours. And the same goes, of course, for Sarah Funky. These two are true blue New Yorkers proud to share their insights, and secrets, about the Big Apple.

Among the many secrets that Sarah presents on her tours is one that she’s particularly fond of. If you wander over to South Street Seaport, you will find the ultimate view of Brooklyn Bridge. It is quite a view and, no wonder, a secret that can’t stay a secret but must be shared. Sarah’s enthusiasm is priceless as she gives you a taste of her tours and shares the stage with Tom. It’s that can-do spirit that’s going to get us through this current crisis. We will get through this and we’ll come back even stronger, just like New York City. UPDATE: The time to view the virtual tour has expired but here’s a look at what Sarah has to offer on her tours and definitely something to look forward to once we return to our more routine lives:


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4 responses to “Coronavirus 2020: Secrets Of New York Live! with Sarah Funky and Tom Delgado

  1. A big hello and thank you from Italy! I have been in New York a lot of time ago, mid April 2009. Yes, it’s a long time but my memories are still vibrant of that “energy” Tom told in the first minutes of the tour. I smiled when he said: “everything ends at New York” because in Italy we said “all roads lead to Rome” (where I live, but it’s not my home town: I was born in Napoli). I can feel it that “energy” in NYC, I can feel a similar energy” from the past at Fori Imperiali at Rome or walking along the streets of ancient Roman city of Pompei. There’s no need of “competition”: that “energy” comes either from present day or past times.
    So I wil enjoy this tour during these days I have to stay at home for national emergency. Take care of you all and don’t understimate COVID-19. It started like a “normal” flu – that is most common media and politics mistake – but it is not. Take care of you.

    • Your comment is greatly appreciated. My heart goes out to you. So many of us are still processing what COVID-19 means to our own particular lives. The immediate reaction has been to hoard as much toilet paper and supplies as if preparing a bunker. That has its place, of course. I’m in Seattle and, while the media around the world call us an epicenter, life goes on and we’re still figuring it out. People still pack the buses as they go off to work, those without the luxury of having the option to work from home. Yes, not everyone can work from home and that is not exactly clear to the powers that be. There are not enough set guidelines in place, beyond being repeatedly told to wash your hands and cough into your elbow. Our state and local government, not to mention our federal government, are slowing gathering steam. Yes, we need testing–but that is very slow in being set up. Yes, we really need to think about a thoughtful plan for quarantine but that is also not happening soon enough. People are not going to restaurants as much or big gatherings. And yet there are no set firm guidelines in place so big events are still scheduled. Emerald City Comic Con, which had cancelled has now rescheduled for August. I think it is the great sage Trump who claims that he knows for a fact that the virus won’t be a problem in warmer weather. That appears to be good enough for ReedPOP, the organizers of ECCC. And since there are no rules, then big events like this one are free to take place. Sure, we can’t predict what will happen and we’d love for big events to still take place but should they really? It’s a very frustrating situation. Well, we can’t help but eventually find a way out of all this, one way or another, although we are sort of running blind right now. 2020 is a time to reassess and reset, not a time to pretend everything is simply normal, as usual, because it clearly is not. That said, I look forward to a future where we can return to some normalcy and COVID-19 has been tamed or controlled. It is not going to go away. It is going to become the New Flu and we need to prepare for it. Now is the time to plan ahead for some new realities.

      • Hello Henry, my opininion is governments are too worried about economy (and money). European countries understimated COVID-19 without any consideration about terrible events (and data) from our country. Even European Central Bank reacted with guilty delay. Maybe COVID-19 will teach us that human beings are the most important than economy. Your are right when you wrote about the luxury to work at home. Democracy means protection of the weakest, too. This is capitalism at its worst. Maybe COVID-19 will be a turning point. I hope so, I want to believe so.
        I’m really worried about big events will take place. It’s foolish! I use to be optimistc. It’s my approach to everyday life, but – believe me – it’s really dangerous: a lot of people are symptomless so virus will spread.
        Trump said COVID-19 won’t be a problem in warmer weather so what are we waiting for? Let’s invade Africa! 😉 But please do not claim to “export democracy”.
        Thank you for you reply. I greatly appreciate. Though we are apart, I can feel your heart in your words.

      • I completely agree with you. People matter most, not money. Thanks again for your thoughtful comments.

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