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Bill Murray playing the role of FDR makes a lot of sense. We all think we know Bill Murray. He has that unique set of skills required to portray FDR, another person everyone felt familiar with. While “Hyde Park on Hudson” does not have the same scope and sense of awe you will find in “Lincoln,” it is just the sort of movie you can appreciate for its dry wit and charm. Here is an interview with the great man himself, Mr. Bill Murray, and a quick look on the set of the movie.

The central thing to consider is Bill Murray. He is someone we enjoy seeing perform. As this interview demonstrates, he is genuinely in tune with this film. He effortlessly sells you on it.

Hyde Park on Hudson Movie 2012

Then there is the controversy over the script. Did the screenplay by Richard Nelson go too far in its speculation over FDR and the women in his life? In the “hooking up” age we live in, maybe cranking up the speculation meter on what happened between FDR and his distant cousin, Daisy, rings more true, although this will offend some. It sure offended political writer (not entertainment writer) Melinda Henneberger at The Washington Post. For those too easily offended, the thing to remember is that this is a historical fiction so maybe an attitude adjustment is in order.

“Hyde Park on Hudson” is brought you by Focus Features. Visit them here and learn more about the film.

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“HYDE PARK ON HUDSON” looks quite good. Bill Murray as FDR? Yes, it works fabulously. It takes a great deal of confidence and talent for Mr. Murray to pull it off given he doesn’t look at all like the 32nd president of the United States. Of course, it’s not an impersonation but an interpretation which is always much more captivating. Well, thank goodness for Mr. Murray’s good taste and sense of purpose. He would not be swayed by  the pleading from Dan  Aykroyd to co-star in “Ghostbusters 3” and we’re all the better for it. “Hyde Park on Hudson” comes out December 7, 2012.

A synopsis:

Producer/director Roger Michell teams with screenwriter Richard Nelson to adapt Nelson’s BBC radio play chronicling the extramarital affair between President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Bill Murray) and his distant cousin, Daisy (Laura Linney.) The affair comes to light during a royal visit from the King and Queen of England (Samuel West and Olivia Colman) to the Roosevelt’s upstate New York home in Hyde Park. As war engulfs Europe and the king seeks the support of the American president, President Roosevelt struggles to balance his domestic affairs with his international obligations as Commander-in-chief.

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