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Losers Weepers 3 JT Yost Birdcage Bottom Books

“Losers Weepers #3” is a continuation of a ongoing narrative that is fueled by the detritus that floats in and out of our lives. Even with social media dominating communication and life in general, people still make notes, print flyers, and even write letters. J.T. Yost is there to snag them from a quick death and immortalize their contents in his comics.

“Learn Spanish! It’s to easy and funy.” The flyer’s announcement is followed by a name and phone number. Apparently, someone hopes to get paid for teaching Spanish but is off the mark. From an artist’s viewpoint, the message is tragic, hilarious, and fascinating. “It’s to easy and funy.” How did so much get lost in translation? Yost found that notice posted on the communal bulletin board at Utrecht Art Supply in the East Village, NYC. He conjured up art from it: a tongue-in-cheek, yet sympathetic, work of fiction. Our story begins with Álvaro, who after being harassed at the print shop, goes about posting his flyers.

Álvaro learns from the local grocer that his mother needs to be bailed out of jail. When he gets home, he receives a letter, the next found art in this story, that alerts him to his wife’s old flame in prison. It’s all downhill from there. Yost is in tune with his characters. He has a way of depicting the chilling mix of fright and despair from down-and-out city dwellers.

JT Yost losers Weepers 003

The comic ends with one last beauty of found art that neatly shoves the knife deeper into the wound. It would be interesting to add even more found items and have them interact even deeper with his comics narrative. That said, Yost has brought to life a very authentic world that he can keep building upon.

“Loser Weepers #3″ is a 36-page 7″ x 7.25” mini-comic, priced at $5, and available at Birdcage Bottom Books.

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