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KING OF THE NERDS on TBS: Curtis Armstrong Interview

Curtis Armstrong and Robert Caradine, "King of the Nerds," on TBS

Curtis Armstrong and Robert Caradine, “King of the Nerds,” on TBS

When Curtis Armstrong and Robert Caradine first pitched the idea of a reality TV show that played off the franchise, “Revenge of the Nerds,” it was met with bewilderment by one network. Could something like that work? Well, you’ve got two of the original actors from the hit franchise, with impeccable credentials, and they’ve come up with a twist on the reality TV model that taps into true nerd culture. TBS liked the idea for “King of the Nerds” and now it looks like we have a hit show. Season Two is underway and this is a perfect time to jump in and try the show out. It airs tonight. You can regularly see it on Thursdays, 10/9 Central on TBS. Check out details on the show here.

Jack, Zachary, and Nicole from "King of the Nerds," on TBS

Jack, Zachary, and Nicole from “King of the Nerds,” on TBS

Curtis Armstrong is a very interesting actor who has been quite fortunate in his career. Lucky for him, as well as for us, he’s been in some of the greatest television shows in history. He’s been a recurring character on “Moonlighting,” “Felicity,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Boston Legal,” “New Girl,” and “Supernatural.” He’s done some hilarious voice-over work on such hit animated shows as “American Dad!” and “Dan Vs.” His work in film includes, “Risky Business,” “Southland Tales,” and “Ray.” And, of course, there’s “Revenge of the Nerds.” In this interview, we chat about a wonderful career, nerd culture, and the reality TV show that gets it right about nerd culture, “King of the Nerds.”

Just click the link below to listen to the podcast interview:

As Curtis Armstrong makes clear, “King of the Nerds” is all about the people on the show. You will be rooting for your favorite contestants on a show that celebrates all things nerd.

Watch “King of the Nerds” on Thursdays, 10/9 Central, on TBS.

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“Reality Show” will have its world premiere on opening night of SXSW, March 8, 2013. View a trailer here. This film is going to catch you by surprise as the narrative builds. What if you were the star of a reality TV show but you didn’t know it? For producer Mickey Wagner, ratings are everything. He will sink to the lowest depths to get what he wants. Too bad for a mild-mannered family that gets caught in his crosshairs. Because Mickey is going to take it to the limit to make this family, being secretly filmed, act like he wants them to act. They are going to be stars, despite their lukewarm personalities. He will throw chaos into their lives: sex, drugs, whatever, to make them interesting. What results is a truly dark and quirky film. It brings to mind David Lynch and it will inspire filmmakers in pursuit of telling a compelling story because this one sure is.


Adma Rifkin was kind enough to share some thoughts on “Reality Show” and filmmaking in general for this interview. He has been making films since he was a kid and has never looked back. With an impressive resume, Adam is his own best friend when it comes to making movies. He is the catalyst behind “Reality Show,” as writer, director, and, yes, star. If you were to casually see it, you would naturally accept Adam’s performance as that of another smart and capable actor. Then to find out that he wrote and directed the thing, well, you have to respect the guy. Just his role as the producer from hell, Mickey Wagner, is worth applause.

Here is the Comics Grinder podcast interview with Adam Rifkin. Enjoy:

Adam Rifkin Reality Show

Follow Adam Rifkin on Twitter here. Visit our friends at SXSW here.


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