ALICE IN NEW YORK, The Graphic Novel

“ALICE IN NEW YORK” is a graphic novel that follows a young man’s quest for the meaning of life during his first visit to the Big Apple. It is full of fanciful characters and is a piece of overall unconventional storytelling. The pacing, the dialogue, the arc, are all offbeat which should prove to be a good thing.
You can read it HERE.
I plan on making it available as a printed work. I may tweak it bit more. I’d love to see this get picked up by a big publisher. Maybe it will. I can’t worry about stuff like that. If it happens, it happens.
As is the case with any truly worthwhile work of art, it has to be a labor of love, first and foremost.
For now, I continue to network with people about this book as I move on to my next big project. More on that at the right time.

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