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“Angel and Faith #19” closes out the story arc, “Death and Consequences” to set the stage for what’s got to be one of the most anticipated finales in comics. Think about how much comics goodness A&F provide and they aren’t being hyped as some big comics event. No, it’s just really good stuff. You see it in how carefully the fight scenes are choreographed. And you certainly see it, even feel it, in all that quintessential Whedon banter going on.


Try as I might to simply comment and keep to what has already been made known, one can never be too sure so I tread lightly and give you a full warning before I say anything that might be considered spoiler dirt. I’m not going to go over the whole story anyway but, still, we want to be respectful and allow everyone a safe and enjoyable A&F reading experience.

That said, what I wish to share with you mostly is the continued joy in reading the words of Christos Gage and “reading” the art of Rebekah Isaacs. Funny, but there actually is a lot of reading of the art in A&F. All you have to do is consider the multitude of attitude we get from slayer Nadira. Fun to watch. You get plenty of dynamic body language throughout whether it’s Angel and Spike exchanging zingers about Buffy or Faith having to hold her own in various encounters and confrontations. Even such a huge mess as that colossal demon, Eyghon, comes to life under the adroit fingers of Ms. Issacs.

Basic info is handled with grace too. It is not some heavy burden to dole out. The things we need to know, or be reminded of, are referred to very naturally. Yeah, the comic rests on a solid foundation of Buffy canon, dedicated fans, and dedicated Dark Horse comics talent. This comic embraces what it’s all about and you end up with a clear and clean artistic expression. Ultimately, you get the pay offs to the build up. Angel is looking at his worst, and at his best, right now. The stage is set, my friend, and we salute Dark Horse for the effort.

“Angel and Faith #19” is out now. Grab yourself a copy. Visit our friends at Dark Horse.

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