EAST OF WEST #4 Sells Out, Gets New Printing


“East of West” is the favorite, no doubt. We’re at Issue 4, and each one has sold out. Image Comics has a winner on its hands, wouldn’t you say? With the narrative at a nonstop pace and Issue 5 rounding out the first arc leading to the first trade, we are sure to see a rush for the next issue as well.

Press release follows:


July 16, 2013


Latest issue of Image Comics series gets second printing

The fourth issue of the Image Comics series EAST OF WEST, the apocalyptic western by Jonathan Hickman and Nick Dragotta, has sold out and will receive a second printing. It was originally released in stores on July 10. This sell-out marks the fourth in a row for EAST OF WEST, which is one of Image’s best-selling titles. The first issue, which was originally released in March 2013, is now on its fourth printing.

The second printing of EAST OF WEST #4 can be pre-ordered now (Diamond code JUN138041) and will be in stores on August 14, the same day as EAST OF WEST #5.

Four issues in, the series continues to earn rave reviews:

“It’s astonishing how much Hickman and Dragotta have been able to fit into just four issues — the world is bleak and scary, yet totally immersive, and the balance of violent action and tender emotional moments is carefully cultivated.”

Comics Vine

“East of West has been a beautiful book and this issue is no different, with more of the great world-building, the interesting characters and the superb art. This is a stunning example of originality and creativity….”

Weekly Comic Book Review

“The issue is absolutely piping hot from start to finish and the rollicking action rivals the biggest summer blockbuster for scope and scale.”

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The current printings of EAST OF WEST #1-3 are currently available for order:

EAST OF WEST #1 (4th printing): MAR138383

EAST OF WEST #2 (2nd printing): MAR138295

EAST OF WEST #3 (2nd printing): MAY138034

EAST OF WEST #5 is also available for pre-order (MAY130552).


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