Review: SHELTERED #2


Story By: Ed Brisson. Art By: Johnnie Christmas. Published by Image Comics.

It comes as no spoiler to know that all has been torn to hell at Safe Haven. The kids decided that they’d had enough of how their parents were running a compound preparing for the end of the world and so they killed them. Sure, there’s got to be more going on than that but that’s the stark facts we come into at Issue 2 of “Sheltered.” It’s a really wild scenario. Quite ironic, don’t you think? The last people these hardened survivalists ever thought they needed to worry about, their own children, blow them all away.

Now comes the hard part, one of the hard parts. What do you do right after you’ve done something really bad? You regret it! Not everyone falls apart but there are cracks forming in the initial plan to do away with one’s parents. The biggest crack of all comes from two of our leading characters who had wandered off during all the bloodshed: Victoria and Hailey. They had just walked off, like a pair of star-crossed lovers, hand in hand, without a care in the world. And then, bam, Oh, your parents are dead. The shock. The rage. The need for revenge. All this unfolds and threatens to topple the new regime led by Lucas, a boy with a determined, yet tentative, look to him. Ask him and he’s ready to tell you why things went they way they did. But you wonder if he’s only a few steps ahead of his own doubts.

This second issue moves along really well. You sense that you’re still only viewing the tip of the iceberg. So many elements are in play and, well, you have here a comic you can’t help but get hooked into.

“Sheltered #2” is available as August 7. Visit our friends at Image Comics.

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