Review: VEIL #1


This comic lifts off the page like a dream, or nightmare, with ease and simplicity. We get down to basics. Our character is of few words and not much of anything else. In fact, Veil is off on the wrong foot, it would first seem, completely naked and padding about for all to see as a sex object. But for this story to work, she must be this sort of empty vessel awaiting further instruction. She is definitely more than she may seem. She may not even be from this planet. All we really know is she’s downright spooky and befriended by sewer rats before she embarks up some subway steps and stumbles upon lowlifes.

She seems to like to rhyme. Not rap. Just simple cat, rat, bat, rhyming. But then she’ll mix in a few more sophisticated rhymes leaving one to wonder where she’s coming from. She’s lost. But she’s not stupid. Script by Greg Rucka, art by Toni Fejzula, this comic has a way about it that instantly wins you over and hooks you in for the long term with its pacing, mystery, and human connection.

I can imagine Fejzula running wild with Rucka’s words. This is definitely a comic you’ll want to savor over multiple readings. The visual landscape is full of mean street rage with all the splintered and fragmented characters in ragged shadow. A puzzle piece worthy of Jim Steranko is there for you to ponder as well.

As Rucka explains in what must be the best writer’s recap I’ve read in a comic book for quite some time, he is out of his mind terrified about this project. He credits Dark Horse Editor-in-Chief Scott Allie for pushing him to follow through with this story. And he says this wouldn’t even be possible without the compelling artwork by Toni Fejzula who has quite a distinctive gritty style and yet brings out the humanity of the characters. For that’s the crucial thing, to maintain the integrity of Veil. She is an enigma, even a sexy one, but she’s very much a character to respect and care about. For now, Rucka remains terrified about this one. Sounds like a wild ride all of us want to take.

“Veil #1” is 32 pages, priced at $3.50, and out March 5. Visit our friends at Dark Horse Comics here.

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