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Ellen Page to Star in Greg Rucka’s QUEEN & COUNTRY with Director Craig Viveiros


Here is some really good news. As reported by Variety in September, Ellen Page will take the starring role of Tara Chace, a British agent on the run from her own agency in Greg Rucka’s hit spy thriller comic book series, QUEEN & COUNTRY, published by Oni Press. This sounds pretty solid now with news of British director Craig Viveiros on board to helm this movie for Chernin Entertainment at Fox.

Find more details at Variety here.

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Review: VEIL #1


This comic lifts off the page like a dream, or nightmare, with ease and simplicity. We get down to basics. Our character is of few words and not much of anything else. In fact, Veil is off on the wrong foot, it would first seem, completely naked and padding about for all to see as a sex object. But for this story to work, she must be this sort of empty vessel awaiting further instruction. She is definitely more than she may seem. She may not even be from this planet. All we really know is she’s downright spooky and befriended by sewer rats before she embarks up some subway steps and stumbles upon lowlifes.

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Review: LAZARUS #1 By Greg Rucka and Michael Lark


Greg Rucka is a writer you can count on to have something to say. “Lazarus,” his new Sci-Fi thriller, published by Image Comics and out today, has plenty to say. This is truly a dystopian story with a twist. This is dystopian crime fiction with major anger management issues. Injustice must be confronted, you say? Well, this comic is taking aim at the whole rotting system as it blasts its way into existence.

At the center of all the mayhem, a woman. A Rucka woman. Yeah, you got a problem with that? Her name is Forever Carlyle and she holds a unique position in the world. Depending on how you look at things, she’s one very lucky girl or one very unfortunate girl.

Okay, the ground rules. Every dystopian piece of fiction has a structure, a place to work from. The world of “Lazarus” is pretty ballsy. You see, it’s not enough for the haves to have and see the have-nots choke on their own spit. In the future, the haves are elites to the extreme and they’ve pushed back the rest of humanity into a dung pile. Only certain families have survived and prospered. And within each family, is a protector, a Lazarus.

This person cannot, will not, be hurt, maimed, killed, destroyed. They always return–to protect the family. And, guess what, Forever is a young woman who is the Lazarus for the Family Carlyle. You’d guess that might be a cool thing. But, think about it. Forever is the one who is always taking a bullet for the rest of the family. No matter how far stem cell technology has advanced, it still hurts like hell!

The opening scenes will grab you and keep your attention. Artist Michael Lark has worked very closely with Rucka and you can feel the chemistry. Enjoy bringing what you’ve read before or just kick back and take in this comic fresh. You’ll see, from the opening fight scenes down to all the establishing scenes, this comic is well paced and sure of itself. The comic looks fantastic: spare where it needs it; detailed with compelling architecture and backgrounds; and given the right noir vibe with colors by Santi Arcas. It’s gritty fun.

And, keep in mind, Forever is no shrinking violet either. She will pull the trigger on whoever she has to. But she also has a brain and a heart and that will likely get her into far more trouble than even she can handle.

Also included, you will find a very generous and heart-felt essay from Greg as he talks about the writer’s craft and how he came to partner up with Michael. At the end, you’re invited to get in on the action and help bring the letters page to life. Greg has promised that, if your letter gets printed, you will receive a very cool embroidered patch of the Family Carlyle crest.

“Lazarus #1” is out now! Visit our friends at Image Comics.

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Wonder Woman Could Take Her Cues From Batwoman

After all the ruckus over Wonder Woman’s new look, it’s nice to see how it’s really done by the masters, Greg Rucka and J.H. Williams III. Talk about thoughtful detail: “The cape only comes to five points forming a very clearly stylized giant red bat design when completely unfurled.”

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