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Grant Worth is a born grease monkey with some incredible skills that go way beyond any garage. WORTH is a new comics series from Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry’s Roddenberry Entertainment and Arcana Studio. Written by Aubrey Sitterson, and art by Chris Moreno, this comic will get under your skin with its unusual story and characters.

The complete graphic novel of WORTH comes out in April. For now, the first issue is proving to be quite a fun and interesting read. We follow Grant Worth, from his heyday as a youthful upstart in Detroit in the ’60s. Grant, with his undisputed ability to communicate with machines (cars, guns, you name it) acts as the Motor City’s own superhero and helps his fellow citizens weather the storm of civil unrest.

Flash-forward to present day Detroit, and Grant is still alive and kicking but he’s turned into something like Clint Eastwood in “Gran Torino.” You better stay off this guy’s lawn. Long gone are the days when Grant could cut a heroic figure with his sidekick Mustang. That same Mustang is still around but it too is but a shell of its former self. So is the refrigerator, and all the other appliances in the house. But Grant whips them in line. Just as long as they don’t have a computer chip inside of them, he can manage. By and by, progress got the better of Grant, an old school dinosaur, rendered nearly worthless. And there lies the mechanism to this story: a journey of rebirth. At least, we’re rooting for the guy to find his worth.

Chris Moreno’s artwork does a wonderful job with Aubrey Sitterson’s script. Moreno has a very crisp style. Characters who are meant to be heroic get an added sparkle to their features. That would be Grant in his youth. And characters who are in turmoil truly look like hell. That would be Grant today. It’s a style that features sharp and clean lines with touches of cartoony exaggeration. This comic has the right sense of what makes for a tragic hero.

The first chapter of WORTH is free and now available for download at and Additional chapters will be made available in the coming weeks for $1.99 each. Here’s a checklist for all the issues and the upcoming graphic novel:

•Chapter #1 (digital): March 5
•Chapter #2 (digital): March 12
•Chapter #3 (digital): March 19
•Chapter #4 (digital): March 26
•Chapter #5 (digital): April 2
•Full Graphic Novel (print): April 2
•Full Graphic Novel (digital): April 16

Visit Roddenberry Entertainment here. And visit Arcana Studio here.

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