Glasgow Comic Con 2014: Scotland’s Comic Book Festival is July 5-6, 2014


Here at Comics Grinder, I go wherever my nose for something interesting takes me. I am gearing up for the biggest and grandest Comic Con in the United States, Comic-Con International in San Diego, but don’t think that gives me tunnel vision. There are all sorts of other comics conventions and festivals out there in the States and throughout the world. Consider the Glasgow Comic Con, Scotland’s Comic Book Festival. That takes place July 5-6, 2014. Check it out here. I’ll see about sharing a few things about this special event with you soon. I have one particular item in mind that I will be posting next week.


Here’s a spotlight on one of the honored guest for GCC14: Yishan Li

From the Glasgow Comic Con site:

Yishan is a professional UK/Chinese manga artist currently living in Edinburgh. She has been drawing manga since 1998 when I was in high school and have been published internationally including China, USA, France and the UK, and translated into different languages. Published work includes, How to draw manga and anime published by Bridgewater books. 500 manga characters published by IIEX, The Clique published by Yen Press and Accro de shopping (confessions of a shopaholic .) published by Jungle/Casterman. At the moment she is working on a new comic, Girl 1 with film director Noel Clarke to be published this year.

If you’re in Glasgow, you’ll have to go to GCC14.

Here’s some more info for you from the Glasgow Comic Con press release:

Glasgow Comic Con is back for it’s fourth year bigger than ever. With event supporter Homecoming Scotland and main sponsor Williams Brothers brewery the event is going to be something very special.

This year will see Glasgow Comic Con expand into three venues, in the heart of Glasgow city centres Arts community. CCA: Glasgow, The Art School at GSA and the Renfield Centre will play host to comic creators, artists, writers, Cosplay (short for costume play) and a wide range of celebrities from the comic industry worldwide.

There will also be a few familiar faces from previous events, plus a host of creators that have never been to Scotland and some real legends in the industry. Further to the many talks, panels, signings and sketches taking place, some of the UK’s leading independent comic book publishers will be on hand, including Black Hearted Press and a host of small press exhibitors, comic book shops, toy shops and much more exhibitors.
Glasgow Comic Con is the top comic book event in Scotland and one of the top 5 in the UK, focusing on the creators of comic books and the art and literature they create.

Mark Boyle, Black Hearted Press Marketing and Operations Director said,
“Being part of Homecoming Scotland has helped our event continue to grow for our 4th year and expand from a one day event with 500 attendees to a five day festival with 3500 attendees across four venues. Our guest line-up this year is bringing a number of creators to Scotland for the very first time, including Howard Chaykin (Artist/ Writer, American Flagg), Gail Simone (Writer, Batgirl, Red Sonja), Peter Milligan (Writer, X-Force, Bad Company) and Erik Larsen (Artist, Savage Dragon, Spiderman).”

Caroline Packman, Homecoming Scotland Director said,
“We are delighted to have Comic Con as part of the ever-expanding Homecoming programme. It presents something a little different for the event programme and ties in perfectly with our celebrating creativity theme. The event continues to grow each year and I’m sure the 2014 will once again attract a fantastic crowd.”

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