Webcomic Review: RACHEL & PENNY by Lauren Zuke


“Rachel and Penny” is spot on good stuff. Webcomics are a tricky thing. It is basically a character-driven endeavor. It can be a wacky sense of humor thing and nothing more. But, if you’re a talented creator who believes in good storytelling, believes in good characters, then so much the better. This is exactly what Lauren Zuke has accomplished.


Rahcel is a rock ‘n’ roll superstar. Penny is a homebody librarian type. Together, these two girls can take on the world. Or they can love each other. With any luck, they can do both!


The zany vibe to this webcomic does have its influences. I could bring up, for example, Bryan Lee O’Malley’s “Scott Pilgrim” or John Allison’s “Scary Go Round” and “Bad Machinery.” Fair enough, right? I think it’s totally fine to bring that up and celebrate those influences. Definitely, Ms. Zuke embraces the zeitgeist and runs with it with a distinctive flair.

Keep up with “Rachel & Penny” right here.


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